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Born under the unlucky star, Canaan said that he must marry a tree before he can marry his sweetheart in childhood, and ritual cleans him bad luck. Reluctantly, he agrees. To his shock, he found it painted by a supernatural spirit known as Shashi, who lived in the tree. The spirit of now is trapped in the world of man, and Canaan must help return to its own kingdom
Shardha Ram was born in 1837 in the Brahmin family in the town of Phillaur, Jalandhar. His father, Jay Dyalu, was an astronomer. He had no formal education as such. At the age of seven, learn Gormukhi script. In ten he had studied Hindi, Sanskrit, Persian, astrology and music. Later, he was also one of the missionaries of traditional Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma).

In his books, Shardha documented Ram culture and Punjabi language.

Shardha gave Ram a lively lecture on Mahabharata, and because of this his accusation directed propaganda against the British government in 1865. As a result, he was temporarily exiled from his hometown, Phillaur.

Sharda Ram often visited Amritsar and neighboring Lahore, especially regarding astrology. During this time, he gained a reputation as an astronomer and wrote many books in Hindi.

Ram Shardha has recently been recognized for having written his first Hindi novel. His novel Bhagyawati, believed to have been written mainly in Amritsar, was first published in 1888, after the death of Ram Shardha. It was a picture of the woman’s story and progressive women’s rights for his day.