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This is the complete list of the regular season game of the NBA against others with the performance of their biggest ever played between the Thunder and rockets. This makes the total matches, wins and losses, scoring, overtime, and the boss of the record date have been included in a major evolution. If it exists, the franchise of two variants of the data will be shown over the years ..

The Thunder and the Houston Rockets 106 to 107 wins and 213 regular-season games played with Rockets

OKC thunder and the Houston Rockets in the first round of the first game began with the Thunder made its way to Houston to start Sunday.

Thunder Kevin Durant was a shell from a season ago, he ran for the Warriors, who had driven before the season. However, their bold leader and three double machines Russell Westbrook, again, were upset in the first round of chance of a kicker.

If that does not happen in the most valuable player James Harden has to say about it. But it could be competitive if another player more valuable.

Here’s how, when and where you can catch the game of the series.
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Time: Sunday, April 16 at 9 pm ET

Where: Toyota Center, Houston, Texas


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Highlights: Let’s talk about the most valuable player in the war. The Russell Westbrook and James Harden Kawhi Leonard, and even in the year of the dispute may be the most valuable player in the nation, so this match in the first round of the NBA god has given us. Russell wrung triple vs. product cost, the last of which has a good team there. But most of the former may be able to take full control of the game.

I do not know who’s going to win the show. And, unfortunately, it is not likely to protect itself. But I do not care, and neither do we. This appropriation of-your-popcorn-and-sit-on-sofa will see the quote.

The rest of the programming:

Game 1 – Sunday, April 16, Houston, 9 p.m., T & T in Oklahoma City
Game 2 – Wednesday, April 19, in Houston, Oklahoma City, at 8 pm, TNT
Game 3 – Friday, April 21, Oklahoma City, at 9:30 pm, on the ESPN Houston
Game 4 – Sunday, April 23, Oklahoma City, at 3:30 pm, ABC Houston
Game 5 – Tuesday, April 25, Houston in Oklahoma City, TBD
Game 6 – Thursday, April 27 took place in Oklahoma City, Houston, TBD
Game 7 – Saturday, April 29, Houston, TBD, T & T in Oklahoma City