broncos vs bears live stream

broncos vs bears live stream

It’s pretty simple for Trevor tonight. Move the ball, avoid turnovers, score points and avoid the 3 and outs. Do that and he comes out looking pretty good in the quarterback race. If the 3 and outs and/or turnovers happen then all the momentum he gained this past week go right out the window. Putting points up, especially on that initial opening drive will be key for Trevor as well.

Here’s what I want to see from Trevor and the Broncos offense. Let’s have an intermediate passing game. It was completely non-existent last season. Let’s see if Trevor can do that tonight. I expect McCoy will want to see Siemian push the ball downfield more so we will get an idea on that pretty quickly tonight.

Finally, Trevor needs to come out of this game healthy. He has a rather long injury history dating back to his college days so let’s see how he reacts to taking contact for the first time since week 17 last season. Keep in mind, Siemian injured his shoulder for the first time against the 49ers last preseason. Any extended time missed with an injury will allow John Elway to kick that door wide open for his first-round pick Paxton Lynch.

What Paxton Lynch has to do:

He needs to dominate the Bears second and third team defense and have NO turnovers tonight. If Lynch struggles against the Bears backups it may put the nail in his coffin. Turnovers have been an issue for him all camp, so limiting them will also be key.

He needs to score points, ideally at least one touchdown or touchdown drive, have a big play or two and show off his plus athleticism. If he does that he can carry over that momentum into next week where he’ll get the start against the San Fransisco 49ers.

Here’s what I want to see from Lynch. Let’s see those improved mechanics. Against Jacksonville, he was making the correct read but his mechanics and footwork killed the timing and it was just bad. Let’s see how much he improved this offseason in that area.